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What You Can Achieve in 30 Minutes: Details of a Curves Workout

Ask most women what they want from a workout plan, and most will say they want an activity they enjoy, something that will help them get in shape, and a routine they can easily fit into their day. Encouraging motivation, a judgment-free, supportive environment, and help with a weight loss eating plan also rank high on many women’s lists. Whether you’re getting in shape at 50 or are looking to lose a few pounds with a comprehensive, low impact exercise routine, a gym designed for women like Curves may be the perfect place for you.

Here are some details of a Curves workout, so you can decide whether it’s the right fit:

Curves is a full body workout

The Curves Circuit combines strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and stretching to strengthen your whole body, all in 30 minutes. Here’s a quick overview of some of the areas you will target during your workout:

  • Chest/back: With its pushing and pulling action, the chest machine works your chest and back. By working these areas, you’ll become stronger and better able to lift your children or grandchildren, carry groceries from your car into your home, and give a heartier hug!
  • Ab/back: As we get older, we lose core strength. A strong core helps improve and maintain balance and posture and provides the foundation upon which most other activities depend. Plus, you can stand tall and proudly with a stronger core. The ab/back machine in the Curves Circuit strengthens your core, from your abs to your lower back.
  • Leg extension/leg curl: Strong legs help you perform everyday tasks without stressing the rest of your body. With stronger legs, you can kick a soccer ball with your family, squat down to get something from a low shelf, and go for a long nature hike. The leg extension/leg curl machine in the Curves Circuit adds to a full body workout by working your hamstrings and quads.

Curves fits into your busy day

Curves 30-minute total body circuit includes all the elements of a full body workout—strength training, cardio, stretching—in a timeframe you can easily fit into your day. You may only spend 30 minutes at Curves, but you will feel the benefits of your whole body workout long after you walk out the door.

The Curves full body workout works

Researchers at the American Council on Exercise (ACE) put Curves to the test.1 They found participants who did the Curves Circuit got their heart rates up into the training zone. They also exercised at 75 percent of the heart-rate max, which is good for heart health. As a bonus, ACE concluded, Curves is a great whole body workout for building strength.

Curves classes help you add even more to your workout plan

As a Curves member, you can take as many classes as you’d like to supplement the Circuit. Curves classes range from low to high intensity, so you can find a program that works well for you. Classes include cardio, boxing, body basics, and balance.

Curves provides the accountability and support you need

With each 30-minute training session, you will get guidance from a Curves Coach. Not only are Curves Coaches trained to help you use the equipment to strengthen your core, arms, and legs, they can tell you how to adjust your form to ensure you get the most from your exercises.

Curves will improve your quality of life

By getting stronger and more flexible, you will build the foundation for a more active future and a healthier, happier you!

The Curves women’s gym workout is convenient, combining strength training and cardio plus stretching – all in just 30 minutes – to strengthen your whole body. For more information about Curves and the full body workouts the Curves Circuit provides, visit ‘Why Curves’.


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