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Fitness Equipment

You’ll always get an efficient total body workout with Curves. We use strength training equipment both in club and at home with MyCurves On Demand. All of our equipment is designed for resistance training, using your own bodyweight to develop your strength – perfect for all fitness levels to achieve results.



Curves Strength Training Machines

You’ll always get an efficient total body gym workout on the Curves circuit with our variety of hydraulic resistance machines, which are built to create resistance that intensifies with effort. The hydraulic resistance machines are suitable for women of any fitness level to achieve results.

Learn a little more about each of the machines you can find on the Curves Circuit and how they benefit your body.



Heart Rate Technology

Get ready to turn up the excitement on your Curves workouts. It’s the fitness technology that can help you stay motivated, improve results, build community, and even earn rewards!

The heart rate technology will allow you to monitor your heart rate on your arm or wrist – during your Curves workouts.


Body Composition Scan

The body composition scan at Curves gives you a complete report of your body composition, allowing you to gain greater insights into every part of your body.

MyCurves On Demand Equipment

MyCurves On Demand, our at-home workout program, has a variety of women’s fitness classes to choose from. Enjoy a safe and effective full-body workout from the comfort of your own home.


Curves Resistance Band

Our Resistance Band is great for all fitness levels, as you can change the tension of the band. The band is designed for longevity and features comfort-plus handles.

  • 15lb/7kg of resistance
  • The patented sleeve technology provides an impeccably safe and higher-quality product than traditional naked resistance tubing.
  • Keeps skin safe from uncomfortable rubbing that can sometimes cause skin breakage.
  • Less risk for injury associated with breakage with naked tubing.
  • Proactive barrier against latex to prevent any kind of skin irritation.

Talk to a Curves Coach about getting your own Curves’ Resistance Band today.


Curves Loop Bands

Our Loop Bands are perfect for all types of exercise, from strength training to stretching to everything in between! They help improve muscle strength, tone and protect your joints from injury.

Purple Band: 15lb / 7kg of resistance: lower body strengthening moves

Green Band: 10lb / 5kg of resistance: focused upper body workout

These bands are appropriate for any fitness level – pick the band that feels right for you!

Start feeling the benefits today with Curves’ NEW Loop Bands.


Curves Foam Roller

Foam rolling is the best way to give yourself a deep tissue massage while also helping muscle activation, muscle recovery, fascial health, and functional restoration of movement. It can be used before or after your in club or at home workouts.

Start feeling the benefits today with Curves’ NEW Foam Roller.

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