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Celebrating a Milestone: Curves – 30 Years of Strengthening Women

Hi, it’s Krishea, President and CEO of Curves. This year, Curves turns 30! To say that I’m proud of this milestone would be an understatement. If you know anything about Curves, you know that we are part of the fitness industry’s explosion. We were the first to make fitness accessible, affordable, and approachable, especially for women. But, you don’t have to know much about the fitness industry to know that trendy, sexy, and youthful make sales and keeps you relevant in pop culture.


Some of the first flyers from Curves, from the 1990’s.


I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me, “Curves? Yeah, my Mom or Grandma used to go to Curves.” Or “Curves, are those still around?”

Ouch! I’m sure that’s what my face says. But what I think is: Did you know that millions of women have incorporated strength training and HIIT into their fitness routines because of Curves? Unlike today, 30 years ago, women didn’t realize that Strength Training and HIIT workouts were the missing link in fitness. Women spent countless hours on treadmills, in dance classes, or walking with friends, never achieving the results you can get with Strength Training at Curves in just 30 minutes. We have empowered millions of women, and we are still HERE innovating to meet today’s women at her needs! Innovation doesn’t mean we have changed the foundation of strength training – because IT WORKS! Innovation is a long, arduous, and often invisible process to improve existing systems. One that requires diligent effort, risk-taking, and some level of luck. Innovation is otherwise known as work. We’ve done the work.

Lastly, I know you are all thinking it, so I’ll call out the elephant in the room: Isn’t Curves the old ladies’ gym?

Let’s be honest, Mom really does know best and she knows what works. She also knows that for a fitness program to be effective and one that she can stick with it had to be fun, fast, and safe. While a lot has changed in the past 30 years, what hasn’t changed is that women need effective Strength Training, Cardio, and Stretching in a time-efficient format. Curves has always been a great workout for ALL ages and fitness levels and it’s still the workout that can give women everything they need, plus coaching and accountability. Now more than ever, women want a workout to help them get stronger, increase lean muscle mass, boost their immune system, and improve their mental well-being. We’re Curves, and we’re EVERY ladies’ gym.

We are an EFFECTIVE workout that gets RESULTS! If we are appealing to women over 45, that’s a compliment. I don’t know any other brand talking to me or these women and understanding her needs as we do!


A lot has changed in 30 years, but we still offer fun, fast and safe workouts! Whether it’s in-club, at-home or on the go, Curves has a fitness solution for you. 


Thirty years later, I still BELIEVE in our program today as much as I did when I joined as a 20-year-old entrepreneur, over 25 years ago. I’m PROUD that unlike anyone else in the fitness industry we are servicing the needs of an underrepresented client: women who want to build strength and balance no matter their age. We see you! You and your health are important to us! We want you to live YOUR very best life and we are HERE to help in club or at home. We will continue to strengthening women for the next 30 years come give us a try, we are still here and Curves works!

Thank you to all our members, we appreciate your support. If for any reason life has gotten in the way and you’ve stopped visiting us then we’d love to welcome you back (tell the club owner you read this and they’ll have a special 30 year offer for you!). If there’s not a club near you, we now also offer MyCurves On Demand.

Lots of love,


President & CEO

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