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September 2016 Featured Curves Moves

September is a great time to get back into fitness with Curves. Get to your club and try a specialty fitness class (like our new Curves Cardio class*). You always have the support of a Curves Coach when you’re on the circuit – ask them for modifications or extra help with new moves.

Get a sneak peek at a featured move and machine this month:

Pelvic Thrust with Crunch

This move is great for your core and glutes.

Lay back on the floor with your knees bent and feet a flat on the floor near your bum.  Lay your arms flat on the floor at your side.  Squeeze your glutes and lift your pelvis up towards the ceiling.  Hold for a moment and return your glutes to the floor and perform a basic crunch by contracting your abs and lifting your shoulder blades off the floor.  Return your shoulders to the floor and perform the thrust and then another crunch.

Attending a Curves fitness class or regular circuit 3-4 times per a week can help you achieve the health and fitness goals you were meant to achieve in just 30 minutes per session. See you on the circuit!

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