How To Start A New Exercise Program

The key to making your exercise program work for you is consistency. You need to choose a program and schedule that you can see yourself sticking with for weeks and months at a time. You’ll also need to make some tweaks to your current lifestyle to ensure you stay on track. Changes like these can be overwhelming — especially if you’re a busy mum with a tight schedule as it is. Here are some ways to integrate a new exercise program into your weekly routine.

1. Plot out your calendar.

Make an appointment with yourself to complete your new exercise routine and workouts at least one week in advance. Booking yourself for a 30-minute workout (as if you had an appointment you could not cancel) will help you make this new routine a habit in no time. That’s why Curves is perfect for busy women – our strength training workouts are just 30 minutes.

2. Get the right gear!

Make sure you’re not setting yourself up for injuries and pain when starting a new exercise program. Take the time to purchase the right types of shoes, clothing and any accessories you need to do your routine with good form. Even simple things like the wrong type of shoes or wearing clothes that are too restrictive can make it hard to get through your workout and may prevent you from enjoying the benefits of your new exercise regimen.

3. Set realistic goals.

Be realistic about how much weight you want to lose, what size you want to be, or what energy level you want to have with this new exercise program. Start slowly and track your results. If you think you can push harder after a few weeks, increase the intensity and continue working out on schedule. Setting goals that are too far out of reach can be discouraging, so set small, attainable goals and build from there.

4. Plan for a rest day.

Avoid workout burnout when starting a new exercise program by giving yourself plenty of time to rest. If your body and mind don’t have a chance to rest and recuperate from the new routine, you could end up avoiding exercise altogether and may even injure yourself. Recognise your limits and plan to work out only a few days a week if you’re just starting out. If you’re already very active, schedule at least one complete day of rest so that your body can heal.

5. Pay attention to nutrition.

Make sure you’re eating a variety of healthy, energy-boosting foods that support your training routine. Cutting out too many calories can be dangerous and may even prevent you from getting the most out of your workouts. Make the most of the Curves Nutrition Program meal plan as it works hand-in-hand with our strength-training and cardio fitness program to help you increase metabolism and burn fat. It’s simple to use, but flexible enough to help you incorporate your favourite foods.

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