Benefits of Group Exercise

Forget flying solo when it comes to regular physical activity. Working out with friends makes the whole experience more enjoyable and more effective. You’ll never workout alone at Curves! The traditional circuit is full of fitness pals who are ready to work out! And our new specialty classes* are an extra way to enjoy group exercise.

Here’s why.

You get a great workout and top-notch results.

If you don’t have expertise or experience in exercise science, it becomes a challenge to design the best workout routine–one that’s both safe and effective. The Curves circuit was created by experts who designed a series of moves that fit together optimally in a plan to help improve your fitness. Every Curves specialty fitness class,* from Body Basics to Boxing to Balance, has been developed by an accredited expert with years of experience.

You need to keep challenging yourself if you want to continue to hone your fitness, and having an expert instructor will help you do that. Curves coaches make sure you are using good form during class, so that you don’t injure yourself and do get maximum benefit for your effort. At Curves, a coach is always present in the circuit to help you get the most out of your workout.

It’s fun.

Working out with your exercise buddies in a group setting like the traditional Curves circuit or in any one of the new Curves classes is a blast. Sharing goals, sharing conversation, and simply sharing the experience creates a camaraderie that helps make you want to work out. It can even lead to friendship outside the class.

But it’s not just the people that make group exercise–and Curves in particular–more exciting. You know the saying variety is the spice of life. Taking classes gives you an opportunity to mix it up. At Curves, in addition to the traditional circuit, you may have the option of one or more of the following classes: Cardio; Boxing; Body Basics; Balance. Mix it up to jazz it up. In fact, by changing up your workouts, you’ll challenge your body in new ways, which improves fitness.

Your workout routine will have greater sticking power.

It’s easier to stay the course when you’ve chosen to advance your fitness with group exercise. There’s the accountability you’ll feel to your instructor and workout buddies, the scheduled classes popping up on your calendar, and the fact that a structured group workout doesn’t let you cut corners–no skipping the end-of-workout stretch.

The camaraderie makes it fun and the expert workouts led by your Curves coach make it effective. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing results, right? Find your nearest gym and get started today!

*Scheduled only at participating locations.

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