Weight Affects Much More than The Number on the Scale
June 04, 2018

No one sets out to become overweight or obese, however, for many people, it happens. Did you know your weight affects both your mental and physical health? The good news is, with some healthy lifestyle changes, you can fight back.

non-scale victories
August 01, 2016

Your success at weight loss is not measured by the number on the scale alone but also by many other changes to your figure and the way you feel. So look for these wins along the way to your fitness goals, and celebrate them!


10 Ways to Get Off a Weight-Loss Plateau
August 31, 2015
Week after week, you watch the number on the scale steadily slip lower and lower, then—stop. Days, then weeks go by and still, it doesn’t budge. You’ve hit the dreaded weight-loss plateau. 


Summer of Strength