6 Items to Keep in your Workout Bag

6 Items to Keep in your Workout Bag
Tracy Robert
Having a pre-packed workout bag (like this one from the Curves Store) will help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Keeping your bag stocked with necessities ensures you’ll be ready for a workout anytime, anywhere! Take your bag with you in the car; if you have a spare 30 minutes to an hour you can stop in at your club or take a quick walk. In addition to your clothes and shoes, here are six items to keep in your workout bag at all times. 
1. Hair ties
If you have long hair, you’ll want to tie it back during any physical activity. Keeping your hair out of your face will allow you to focus on your workout -- not your locks! Pick up a pack of thick, stretchy-elastic bands. They’re a little more forgiving on your hair and won’t cause that telltale ponytail crimp. 
2. Deodorant
A small, travel sized deodorant is a lifesaver when you’re unexpectedly sweaty. Maybe that brisk walk around the park made you sweat more than usual. Be mindful of your personal hygiene and reapply before and after any exertion if necessary. 
3. Towel
This addition to your bag is multi-functional. Maybe you need to take a quick shower after a session, or perhaps you need it to wipe down machines. Either way, it’s good to have, just in case. Pick a small, lightweight one that won’t take up a lot of space.
4. Socks
This is especially important in the summer months, when you might be headed to the gym with cute sandals on! Keep a pair or two of clean socks to slip on under your athletic shoes. Don’t forget to take the used ones out and replace with a fresh pair! Tip: Fun, brightly-colored socks, like these from Avon, are a creative weight loss reward!
5. Pedometer
While it’s important to track your steps throughout the day, sometimes a pedometer just doesn’t work with your outfit. Just be sure to clip it on before a walk or workout. 
6. Post-workout snack
It’s important to refuel after a tough workout. Keep healthy, purposeful snacks in your gym bag to replenish the energy you just spent. You wouldn’t want to waste your hard work on a bag of greasy chips, would you? Stick to a serving of nuts and cheese, fruit and nut butter or even one of the Curves Meal, Snack or Dessert Bars if you’re on the go.
Be organized! A small, well-stocked gym bag is all you need to keep your gear corralled an your fitness goals on track. Don’t forget to wash and replace dirty clothes and replenish snacks and water bottles so you’re fueled up after.
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