The Right Gym Might Not be The Closest Gym

When you’re searching for the best gym to join, it’s all about chemistry. Gyms are far from a one-size fits all. You want a gym that offers the type of workout plan you’re looking for. You also want a place where you feel comfortable and at home. Depending on your personality, you may desire a gym that’s quiet and laid back. Or, loud and energetic. Finding the perfect place for your exercise routine isn’t easy, and it may take some time and a few visits. And the right gym might not be the one that’s in your back yard.

To find the best gym to join, think about the following:

Your needs 

Do you have pounds to lose? Then you want the best gym for weight loss—one that offers cardio and strength workouts. Is a friendly, supportive environment high on your list? The best choice for you may be a women’s only gym.

Your favorite type of workout

For fitness class enthusiasts, the best gym membership will be one that gives you access to a variety of class types. At Curves, for example, we offer Cardio, Boxing, Balance, and Body Basics classes. Everyone should be incorporating strength training for its health benefits, so finding a women’s gym with a good variety of strength training equipment is ideal. For those who are short on time, the best gym will be one that offers a short, efficient full body workout. Think, the 30-minute Curves Circuit!

Your workout time 

Do you like to exercise before or right after work? The best gym to join may be one that’s close to your office. To get to the gym first thing in the morning or on weekends, a gym close to home could be the better option. Also keep in mind the length of your workout. If you can complete a total body workout in just 30 minutes, you will have more time for your travel to and from the gym. 

Your preferred vibe 

Do you like fun music and energetic workout scene where you blend in and connect through the movements? Or maybe you prefer a quiet and smaller scale space where everyone knows your name. Curves all women’s gyms offer an upbeat atmosphere, with an easy-to-follow circuit workout, where a community of like-minded women are comfortable working out.

Your level of experience 

If you’re new to working out or you’ve recently upped your weight loss or fitness goals, the best gym to join may be one that offers some level of personal training. At Curves gym for women, there is always a Curves Coach on the circuit, ready to help you adapt your whole body workout to your personal needs, help you stay on track to reach your goals, and answer your questions.

Your friends 

As you research the best gym memberships, talk to your friends. Where do they work out? What do they like and dislike about their gyms? Having a few existing friends at a gym can help make you more comfortable. And remember, at a women’s only gym like Curves, you’re sure to make some supportive new workout friends and great connections in your community.

As you make your choice on the right gym to join, remember, the answer may not be the closest gym – but the gym that meets your needs and helps you get results. Don’t miss out on the best gym for women just to save a few minutes of walking or driving. At Curves, we deliver an effective, 30-minute full body workout for women. Our ladies only gyms are a safe and comfortable environment for women of all ages and fitness levels. Plus, with specialty women’s fitness classes and dedicated Curves Coaches at each and every workout, we are the best choice against traditional gyms.

Make your workout results a priority. You deserve the best workout experience for you! Find your local Curves gym here!

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