Curves is a Fitness Club for All Women

If you’ve ever been to a traditional gym, you may have felt a little intimidated. Equipment that is hard to understand, loud, clanging weights, and a lack of coaching support to know where to start are not the ideal backdrop for everyone’s workout. And the last thing you want when you make the move to join a gym is to feel uncomfortable. Luckily, you have options. Some fitness clubs, like Curves, are designed specially as ladies only gyms.  You’ll be greeted with supportive smiles when you walk through the front door and have the benefit of a knowledgeable and friendly coach to help you get started and stay on track for best results.  There are several benefits of joining a female gym, including:

Like-minded women

You automatically have a few things in common with the women working out alongside you at a ladies’ only gym like Curves. You all want to get healthier, you all like the idea of a 30-minute full body workout that fits easily into your busy lives, and you all want the safe workout space that is an all women gym. At a female gym like Curves, you will make friends you can enjoy both in and out of the fitness club.

More motivation

Whatever your reasons for joining a ladies only gym—to lose weight, help lower your risk for chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease, or to get in shape—your Curves coach and the women around you will give you the added motivation you need to succeed.

Endless encouragement

We all have those days when we don’t feel like working out, either because of a busy schedule or low energy. On these days, a text or call from a workout buddy asking to meet you at your ladies only gym can give you the push you need.  Your coach will be there to make sure you’re living up the commitment you made to yourself, too.

No shortage of support

Support at a fitness club comes in a few different forms. It can be as simple as a “you can do this” glance from the woman working out next to you. Or a “we miss you” text on a day you can’t make it to your women only gym due to something unforeseen. Support is knowing your fellow female gym members are there for you, even after you finish your full body workout.

Curves Coaches

Many Curves Coaches are former Curves members. Because they’ve been in your shoes, they know how to help you reach your goals, be that to get stronger, become more flexible, boost endurance, or lose weight. Curves Coaches hold you accountable to your full body workout, and they make sure the 30 minutes you spend at your women’s gym gives you the most effective exercise routine.

Health & Wellness

A regular workout routine like the whole body workout you do on the Curves circuit is good for you, physically and mentally. Countless studies1 show the benefits of regular exercise, which include:

A regular exercise routine is good for your physical and mental health, but many women may find traditional gyms uncomfortable or intimidating. Joining an all-women gym like Curves will get you the support of your Curves Coach, and of other women just like you! Visit ‘Why Curves’ today to find out more, or find your nearest Curves gym.



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