Stock Your Kitchen to Help You Lose Weight

You know that dropping extra pounds and maintaining a healthy weight as an adult reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. So, you exercise regularly, and you follow a healthy eating plan with just the right number of calories. Now, there’s an additional strategy—one that enlists your environment in your weight loss plan. After all, the food environment you create at home is an important part of the overall nutrition and weight management program you get at Curves.

What we bring into our homes and where we put that good or bad stuff has tremendous influence on our body weight. Out of sight, out of mind—and vice versa—applies to many areas of life, healthy diet included. It’s intuitive, really: What you bring into your home and what’s readily visible there is what you will eat—no matter how determined you are to stick with your weight loss eating plan. For instance, if you buy lots of fruits and vegetables, and you keep them on the counter or toward the front of your refrigerator, you’ll be more likely to reach for them as a healthy snack. Likewise, if you buy high-fat foods and keep them in plain sight or within easy reach—say, by keeping an Oreo-filled cookie jar on the kitchen counter “strictly for your kids”—that’s what you’re likely to reach for when a moment of weakness strikes.

It’s a simple idea, and it makes sense, practically and intuitively. A key to successfully following a weight loss plan for women is to be mindful of the environment you’re creating in your kitchen. Interested in perhaps “remodeling” your home food environment for further weight-loss success? Consider these tips:

Make your kitchen less “loungeable.”

That means getting rid of comfy chairs, TVs, desks, your computer—anything that will entice you to hang out in the same room where you prepare food. Because the more time you spend there, and the more comfortable you are, the more likely you’ll be to eat. And when you’re lounging out or in the middle of an intense work exchange, your choices are less likely to be nutritious meals and healthy snacks.

Make tempting foods invisible and inconvenient.

Have open shelving or cabinets with glass doors in your kitchen? Use them to store cookbooks or display your grandmother’s china—anything but food. These non-food items are more eye-pleasing anyway. Store cereal boxes, cookie packages, and bags of chips up high and behind closed doors. And stash leftover desserts and higher fat foods in your refrigerator’s produce bin, so they’ll be out of sight when you glance into the fridge.

When it comes to weight loss, what you eat is just as important as what you do for your gym workout. Curves Nutrition Program offers an integrated, personalized weight loss and weight management. To help you stay on track and maintain the same weight loss encouragement and support outside Curves ladies only gym, follow these tips and make sure your kitchen and the rest of your home environment reflect your fitness relationship goals and healthy eating plan.

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