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Could coffee be sabotaging your weight loss?

Coffee has now become Australia and New Zealand’s favourite hot drink with more and more people getting their daily caffeine hit from outside of the home. Head into any suburban or metropolitan area and you will be sure to find a coffee shop on every corner.

But have you ever wondered just how many calories were in your daily coffee? We tell you here!


Flat white* Full cream = 168cal (705kj)
Skim milk = 93cal (390kj)
Instant/ Long black Without milk = 0cal (0kj)
With skim milk = 18cal (76kj)
Café latte* Full cream = 168cal (705kj)
Skim milk = 97cal (405kj)
Mocha* Full cream = 214cal (894kj)
Skim milk = 150cal (627kj)
Cappuccino* Full cream = 165cal (690kj)
Skim milk = 96cal (402kj)
Caramel latte (without cream)* Full cream = 198cal (828kj)
Skim milk = 136cal (567kj)

*Based on a standard 300ml serving


Want sugar with your coffee? Add another 16cal (67kj) per sachet.
How about cream? Add another 143cal (600kj)

Having a daily coffee is fine. However when it comes to weight loss, remember that every calorie counts – even the liquid calories. You may like to think twice before having that second white chocolate mocha with extra cream!

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