You Only Need 30 Minutes to Exercise

It’s no secret; we women are busy. Between work, family, and all the chores in between, it can be tough to fit exercise on the to-do list.  This is the case even when we know how important a workout plan is for good physical and mental health.

So, when we busy women come across a workout that lasts 60 to 75 minutes, we may say “forget it.” “Not going to work.” Or, “another day.” And the minutes of exercise we accumulate: a big empty zero.

Enter the 30-minute workout. What’s 30 minutes? It’s the length of a sitcom, a longer shower, or a quick lunch. It’s a reasonable timeframe, and something most of us can fit in.

A 30-minute workout is a sign of the times

Traditionally, some gym workouts were supposed to take at least an hour, but in recent years it’s been shown that shorter 30-minute gym workouts—done consistently four to five times a week—can yield comparable results. In a study done at the University of Copenhagen, researchers found that a 30-minute workout plan was equally as effective in helping people lose weight and body fat as a 60-minute exercise routine.1

If the formula is calories in versus calories out, how is it that a 30-minute workout is as effective as a workout twice as long? There are a few reasons. For one, as we alluded to above, whether you workout at the gym or do a 30-minute workout at home, a half-hour-long exercise session is more doable than one that takes an hour or longer to complete. So, we are more likely to do it.

Secondly, a 60-minute workout gym session may tire you out, causing you to sit on the couch for the rest of the day. With a 30-minute workout plan, you have time and energy to spare for a neighborhood walk, bike ride on the trail, or other form of recreational activity.

And third, beyond exercise, a 30-minute workout gives you more free time for other things you want to do—spend time with your family, lunch with friends, or curl up with a good book.

A 30-minute workout done right

To maximize your workout, you’ll want to make sure it checks off all the boxes. New to exercise? No problem! You can do a lower-intensity 30-minute workout for beginners. At Curves, there’s a Curves coach on-site at all times to help you tailor your workout plan to your individual needs and goals.

To give your 30-minute workout the maximum punch, do the following:

Work hard in the beginning: Some research shows the biggest benefits of exercise come in the first 20 minutes of your workout. So, do the most intense part of your routine in the first 20 minutes, then save the last 10 minutes for stretching and cooling down.2

Make it a full body workout: To do you the most good, your exercise routine should be a whole body workout. It should include cardio, strength training, and stretching. The Curves circuit fits this bill.3

Hit all your major muscle groups: To be an effective full body workout, an exercise routine should work all your major muscle groups. When you go through the Curves Circuit or a full MyCurves On Demand class, you’ll complete exercises for your abs and back, arms, legs, chest, and back. You’ll leave with the peace of mind of knowing you’ve exercised your entire body, head to toe.

If you’re looking for a 30-minute gym workout or a workout at home, look no further than Curves. On site, you can complete the Curves Circuit side-by-side with supportive women just like you. And for a convenient at-home option, log on to MyCurves On Demand. You’ll be an important step closer to becoming happier and healthier! Find your local Curves Club here and get started today!



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