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Overcoming Challenges & Gaining Confidence with Curves

Some gyms—even some women’s fitness clubs—can be intimidating. Between the clanking metal, sleek bodies, bulbous muscles, and designer athletic apparel, a gym can be the last place you feel like being when you’ve decided it’s time to lose weight.

But guess what? There are LOTS of women out there who feel just like you do, who have been holding back from starting their weight loss journey because of similar feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. And there’s a perfect place for all of you—Curves.

Truth is, research shows a strong sense of self-worth is important for weight loss success, so the more confident and able you feel—with the help of a supportive weight loss program like the Curves circuit– the more likely you will be to shed pounds and keep them off.[1]

Prepare for a Gym Workout, Physically and Mentally

Many women avoid gym programs for their exercise routines because they are self-conscious about how they look, and they prefer not to be seen in a crowd. There’s nothing wrong with feeling this way—it’s normal and natural, especially at the start of a weight loss program. So, first, give yourself a break. Then, give yourself a kick. The hardest part is showing up, so think about what might help you do that. Here are some tips:

Exorcise your excuses.

That’s exorcise with an “o.” In other words, get rid of them. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself you don’t have time, or the gym is too far away, or you’re tired, or you’ll start your exercise routine next month. Whatever has been keeping you from a regular workout plan, it’s time to put those excuses to bed in the name of your health and well-being.[2]

Ease in.

If you’re intimidated by walking into a crowded gym, even a supportive women’s gym like Curves, if your schedule allows, start by going at off times. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are likely to be less crowded than lunchtime or before or after work.[3]

Dress in your best.

Workout attire, that is. You’re taking an important step by starting a workout plan at a women’s gym, so reward yourself with some new exercise clothes. You don’t have to break the bank—lots of reasonably priced stores have cute workout gear these days. Maybe throw in a fun new water bottle or colorful sneakers. Whatever will give you that extra boost of confidence you need to get through the door.[4]

Kick things off with a class.

Some women feel more comfortable in rather than the more fluid environment of the Curves circuit. If this is you, start try a body basics or balance class, make some friends, and then move to the circuit full body workout when you feel more at home. 

Keep your eye on the prize.

When your self-confidence is low, it’s easy to feel stuck. “I’ll never lose weight.” “I’m going to feel this tired for the rest of my life.” And “I’ll never have the will power to stick with a weight loss eating plan” are some of the discouraging things we tell ourselves. Instead, focus on the future you—the healthy woman who is getting in shape, enjoying new healthful recipes as part of a weight loss eating plan, and rubbing elbows with fun friends at Curves female gym.[5]

Realize there’s support all around you at Curves women’s gym.

You’re not alone in feeling self-conscious, and you’re not alone in needing weight loss motivation from supportive women just like you. Also recognize that your fellow gym members aren’t as focused on you as you think. They’re into their own exercise routine or workout class for women, so they’re not spending as much time looking you up and down as you might imagine. At Curves, you’re surrounded by fantastic women embarking on weight loss journeys just like you—it’s an environment full of weight loss encouragement, not judgment.

Collaborate with your coach.

The weight loss motivation at Curves comes not only from fellow members, but from your Curves Coach! The goal of your Coach is to give you the support and advice you need to succeed in your fitness relationship goals. Whether you need tips on following a healthy eating plan, like the Curves Nutrition Program, or on exercises that target your triceps, your Coach is there to help. Each coach has completed a certification program developed with the Cleveland Clinic, so they know their stuff. Plus, most coaches were in your shoes once, so they know what you’re going through as you start and maintain your weight loss and workout plan.

One of the largest obstacles to starting a weight loss journey—and succeeding in losing the weight—is confidence. Curves provides its members with a supportive environment and all the help they need to start and finish their journey toward better health. At Curves, you’ll gain the physical and mental tools you need to get in shape, adopt a healthy eating plan, lose the weight, and further boost your confidence for the future, both in and out of your women’s fitness club.

The Curves women’s gym workout is convenient, combining strength training and cardio plus stretching – all in just 30 minutes – to strengthen your whole body. For more information about Curves and the full body workouts the Curves Circuit provides, visit ‘Why Curves’.


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