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7 Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy During the Holidays

Tis the season for holiday gatherings, cheer… and derailing your weight loss plan. With all there is to do and eat during the holidays, it’s easy to put your exercise routine and healthy eating plan on hold. Even a small slip up can cause you to throw up your hands until the first of the year. But the farther away you veer from your healthy eating and workout plan, the harder it will be to get back on track, so it’s important to stay the course.

Here are seven helpful tips for how to stay fit and healthy during the holiday season:

1. Plan ahead

Knowing what you’re up against during the holiday season is half the battle. There will be family feasts, eggnog, presents to wrap, and people to see. You know what to expect; it happens every year. So, leading up to Thanksgiving, start to think about how you will approach the holiday season when it comes to your eating plan and fitness routine.

2. Never go to a holiday party hungry

Never go to a holiday party hungry—it’s the kiss of death when it comes to a healthy eating plan. Shortly before you leave for a holiday gathering, have a healthful, filling snack. Eat yogurt with blueberries, apples with peanut butter, or raw vegetables with hummus. Go for something with a little protein, so you will feel satiated and less tempted to graze. 1

3. Find creative ways to fit in your full body workout routine

Your time will be limited during the holidays, and you may not always be able to get to the gym. Try squeezing in a workout at home before the rest of your family gets up in the morning. Curves offers a great online workout program—MyCurves On Demand. With MyCurves On Demand, you’ll be able to do the same 30-minute workout—complete with aerobic exercise and strength training—in the comfort of your own home. 2

4. Stay active, even when you’re at home

On days you can’t get to the gym for your regular full body workout, try an express alternative that’s easier to fit in. Enjoy working out with our Curves at-home program, MyCurves On Demand, which provides 15 express workouts on days that you can’t fit in 30 minutes at your local Curves club!  By keeping your body moving, you’ll be more likely to stay on track.

5. Be mindful of your healthy eating plan

It is possible to stick with your eating plan and still enjoy some holiday cheer. The key is moderation. If you want to have an alcoholic drink, keep it to one. Choose lower calorie beverages, such as red wine or champagne. Avoid overly processed foods like cured meats, and high sugar snacks such as holiday cookies and pies. Stay consistent with the portion control you’ve been following as part of your healthy eating plan.

6. Drink H2O

When you’re busy shopping, cooking, and attending social events, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. But with all your juggling, it’s critical that you stay hydrated during the holidays. Keeping your water intake up will help suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, and help you digest food and drinks more efficiently. Take a water bottle with you wherever you go and drink throughout the day. Aim for at least eight cups of water per day. 3

7. Get enough sleep

It can be tempting to stay up late to finish online shopping, wrap gifts, or socialize with friends. But it’s more important than ever to get enough sleep during the holiday season. Staying rested will give you the energy you need to stay active and on track with your healthy eating plan. The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. 4

At Curves, we support our members every step of the way, even when they can’t get to the gym during the holidays. To help you stick with your Curves workout for women and healthy eating plan, Curves offers a Nutrition and Weight Management program and online workout programs, so you can easily fit in a workout at home. By staying fit and healthy throughout the holidays, you’ll set yourself up for a healthy, happy you in the new year!

To find out more about how you can informed lifestyle and health choices, visit our blog under the ‘Live’ category! You can also learn more about how the Curves Circuit can benefit your lifestyle here.


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