5 Easy Ways to Banish Stress

Life is stressful. A full schedule, going from here to there, bills, and laundry all add up, and by the end of the day, relieving the stress induced from a hectic day is probably the last thing on your mind. However, stress can trigger all kinds of negative side effects, like chronic inflammation associated with heart disease and an inability for our bodies to fight infection and to heal other physical ailments. It’s time to break the cycle and get rid of that mean, ol’ monster that plagues all of us. Here are 5 easy ways to banish stress.

Work it out

One of the easiest and, of course, healthiest ways to cope with stress is to exercise, and it’s been proven. Going for a short daily walk is a great way to get started, but your nearest Curves club also offers everything you need to work out your stress, including classes, circuit training, and close guidance from your Curves Coach for a total body workout that will help you say ‘bye-bye’ to stress.

Get support

Nothing is more stressful than feeling like you’re tackling life all on your own. But at Curves, you’ll find support and encouragement from a network of women who are just like you. The Curves community is not only a place you can share your successes and struggles, but also a welcoming environment to relieve your stress among friends.

Eat right

Combat stress by eating the right foods. That means avoiding too much caffeine and limiting alcohol. Focus on eating nutritional vegetables, fruits, and lean protein, and most importantly, make mealtime a relaxing part of your day. That means avoiding those grab-and-go meals that are often unhealthy and cause indigestion. Put down your phone, reflect on your day, and enjoy the taste of your food.


In just five minutes, you can send your stress to the clouds by breathing or meditating. Research shows that meditating can actually alter your brain so it’s better equipped to handle stress. With your eyes closed and while sitting up straight, recite a positive mantra in time with deep breathing. Imagine your stress and distracting thoughts breezing by and floating away for good.

Have fun

We know your schedule is tight, but isn’t it important to also have some fun? Make the time and know it’s okay to take a night off to go a concert with your friends, make a spa date, see a movie, or shop a good sale.

To find out more about how you can informed lifestyle and health choices, visit our blog under the ‘Live‘ category! You can also learn more about how the ‘Curves Circuit‘ can benefit your lifestyle here.

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