Dancing: Fitness Fun

The rising popularity of shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars is inspiring people to get involved in this healthy sport as a fun way to lose weight.

The progress and skill of the celebs competing in these shows is almost secondary to the talk about how much weight they lose and how amazing they look.

Their achievements are motivating others to get their dancing shoes on because unlike some forms of working out, dancing is great exercise for absolutely everyone.
Whether you have two left feet, no sense of rhythm or limited mobility due to an accident or old age, dancing can help you improve your overall health and fitness.

Don’t take our word for it. Just take a look at this inspirational lady who is currently the talk of Great Britain after appearing on their version of Australia’s Got Talent.

Paddy, aged 80, says that she has always enjoyed dancing and the positive effects it’s had on her posture, agility, strength, balance and vitality are clear.

There are all sorts of classes suited to beginners or those with experience: ballroom, jazz, tap, salsa or traditional folk dances are all popular, but ultimately, the steps or style are not important, getting your body moving is.

The versatility of dance means that you can find the perfect form to suit you, and in the perfect place too.
Whether it be in a structured class with a partner, in a nightclub with your girlfriends or on your own in your lounge, dancing in a way that makes you happy will raise your heart rate to give you a great cardio workout that doesn’t even feel like exercise.

Simply find a beat and move your body to it!

If, however, you really want to use dance as a means of toning up and losing weight, then the best way to get results is to combine your disco moves with some resistance training.

In the simplest terms, resistance training or exercise means making your body work harder by giving it something to work against.

Resistance exercise is proven to improve muscle strength and tone, increase bone density and help control “chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, back pain, depression and anxiety” not to mention helping you to maintain a healthy weight and look fabulous.

Professional dancers incorporate resistance training into their dance practice to help them develop a strong core and long, lean limbs which help them not only dance well, but look physically elegant while they’re at it.

To give your body some resistance, try wearing adjustable ankle or wrist weights while you dance. They won’t hinder your movement but will give your arms and legs an extra challenge and boost your cardio workout to help with weight-loss.

To get the best results quickly, break up your dance sessions with a few intensive resistance workouts and give your body the energy it needs to work hard with a healthy diet.

You don’t need any specialist equipment, though simple pieces of kit that are reasonably priced and easy to store, like resistance bands, will help you achieve the body toning and weight loss results you really want.

If you need help or advice on dancing for fitness, resistance training or any other fun ways to lead a healthier lifestyle, sign up and join our friendly community. We can give you the support you need to slip into a dress that matches your dancing shoes.\

To find out more about how you can informed lifestyle and health choices, visit our blog under the ‘Live’ category! You can also learn more about how the Curves Circuit can benefit your lifestyle here.

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