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5 Ways to Avoid Germs While Exercising

You workout regularly to improve your health, so make sure you’re not doing the opposite by exposing yourself to germs that could make you sick. Taking a few precautions — and packing the right gear — before you head into that workout session will help you keep germs at bay, so you can stick with your exercise routine for the long haul.

Here are five tips to help you avoid germs while working out:

1. Skip the water fountain. 

Bring your own water bottle and make sure you’re filing it at home so you aren’t picking up germs that may be lurking around the water fountains. Avoid using water bottles that require turning a cap because you will end up having to use sweaty — and possibly germ-ridden — hands to open and close the bottle. Stick with a squeeze-top bottle for this reason.

2. Bring your own towels. 

Keep sweat at bay and ward off germs by packing your own clean towels. Pack your towels in a small tote bag that you carry to your workouts; make sure you bring a clean towel each time.

3. Don’t work out when you’re sick. 

Even though a sweat-inducing workout can make you feel better when you’re sick, you will be spreading germs and may even end up picking up more viruses because of a weakened immune system. Steer clear of vigorous workouts until you are fully recovered, but do take time to get a walk in the fresh air or stretch while at home.

4. Pack hand sanitizer. 

Some locations have sanitizer stations set up around the floor but that doesn’t mean everybody uses them. Make sure you keep your hands clean by using your own hand sanitizer as you leave the facility or exit the restroom.

5. Do your laundry!

While you don’t necessarily need to change out of your workout clothes immediately after a workout, it is good practice to make sure you wash them after each use, especially during cold and flu season. Don’t let germs linger on clothes for multiple wears; wash pants, tops, bras and socks in hot water and put on a fresh, clean outfit for your next workout!

Take care of your health with these healthy exercise habits. Use these tips to avoid germs so you can enjoy healthy workouts this winter.

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