3 Reasons to Love Cardio

High intensity moves like jumping jacks and star jumps are fun! They burn fat, they make you feel great—and they’re coming to you in the form of Curves Cardio* class. The cardio class will challenge you by introducing higher intensity moves to increase your heart rate and keep it elevated throughout your workout. Here are three reasons to love cardio:

1. It’s fun.

A successful workout regimen is a consistent one, and by changing things up, you’re keeping both your muscles and your mind engaged. Add variety to your traditional Curves Circuit workout for a Curves Cardio class and get a dose of heart-pumping cardio. If you’re challenged and you’re having fun, you’ll be there. And you’ll love it.

2. It blasts fat.

Even better: It blasts belly fat. What’s not to love about that? In fact, research indicates that high-intensity intermittent exercise, like the type featured in the new Curves Cardio class, may be more effective at reducing both abdominal and subcutaneous fat than other forms of exercise. Plus, it improves your insulin resistance, lowering your risk of developing diabetes, and it tends to make you fitter faster.

3.  It makes you feel great.

You’ve heard of the “runner’s high.” It’s what scientists call a neurobiological reward—and you don’t have to run to get it; you simply have to engage in moderate to intense aerobic exercise. Despite its name, a runner’s high isn’t a loopy feeling; it’s more subtle—and more satisfying—than that. It’s a sense of calm and well-being, an absence of anxiety, reduced feelings of pain, just an overall good mood—and an excellent reason to love cardio.

*At participating locations only.

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