Take Time for Yourself at Curves

If you’re a busy woman, you understand the challenges of getting quality “me” time. Long baths by candlelight and curling up with a good book are often sacrificed for sports and school activities, health care appointments, or running errands. And if you’re a woman who also works outside the home, the compounded stress and trying to find work-life balance can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

What’s the best use of me time?

Chances are, as a busy woman, you’ve already mastered the skills of efficiency and time management. So, when you’re looking to do yourself a favor by setting aside a little “me time”, your expectations are probably pretty high. Good news is, Curves ladies only gym checks off several self-care boxes. Curves offers a safe environment where women can focus on themselves without the stresses and distractions of their hectic outside life. In just 30 minutes, you can get away from it all with a complete full body workout that increases strength, builds stamina, provides physical and mental health benefits, and leaves you feeling proud and refreshed.

What makes Curves so great

Curves full body workout is designed to work every major muscle group in your body, with intermittent periods of cardio. Combined with stretches for women and a cool down, you can rest assured that your half hour of “me time” was very wisely spent. You’ll build your social network at Curves, too. Curves offers an intimate, first-name-basis atmosphere, where you will engage in your gym workout next to like-minded women with fitness relationship goals just like yours. Plus, your Curves coach will keep track of your progress through monthly coaching sessions, offer health and wellness encouragement, and give you suggestions on how to get the best results from your workouts. You’ll get to know your Curves family and look forward to the time each day when can put the outside world on hold and focus only on you. But most importantly, Curves will give you tools—an effective, whole-body workout that provides natural stress relief, effective stretching, and resources you can tap into any time for added fitness motivation. No guilt, no regret, no remorse.

Curves, the gym that is designed especially for women, gives you permission to take time for much-needed self-care. Find your local women-only gym today.


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