New Year’s Resolutions Done Right

Have you found that your initially steely resolve to stick with your New Year’s resolutions typically drops at relatively the same rate the ball drops in Times Square—and just a few measly weeks afterward? If so, you’re not alone. Most resolutions fail, be they weight loss related or not. But not yours—not this year. Because your strategy just got a lot smarter. With the help of a Curves Coach and weight loss motivation from your workout buddies at Curves, this year, you can make exercise and healthy eating New Year’s resolutions that have staying power. Here are some sample 2020 resolutions, as well as some tactics to help you stick with them in the new year:

RESOLUTION: Resolve to do more of what you love.

Instead of making the same old resolutions you can never seem to keep, such as “I want to lose 25 pounds,” choose something that you’re already doing and simply resolve to do it more often in order to achieve a fitness relationship goal or other type of goal with more vigor, or with the intention of improving your technique.

SOLUTION: Make your resolution more measurable by setting specific fitness relationship goals.

If you already walk during your lunch break three times a week with a co-worker, walk faster or come up with a route that has more hills. Or, if you already do your full body workout three times a week at Curves, add a fourth day, or even show up for a new challenging Curves class you’ve been avoiding. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel—just make the wheel you’ve already got spin a little faster.

RESOLUTION: Resolve to build a team.

Setting realistic, measurable fitness relationship goals is critical for success. “But building a solid support team—in any form—is just as important. Your team can consist of you and your dog, you and your Curves coach, you and the women doing the Curves workout alongside you, or you and your walking friends. It doesn’t matter what your support system looks like, only that you have one in place. It’s so much harder to do it alone—why even try?

SOLUTION: Ask a pal from Curves to be resolution teammate.

Share your individual resolutions for exercise and/or a weight loss eating plan, then agree to check in with each other every time you see each other at Curves. Track your progress together, teammate to teammate, whether your resolutions are the same or completely different.

RESOLUTION: Take control of food cravings.

When it comes to sticking with a healthy eating plan you may have to become a little more mindful. In the moment when you’re ready to give into a food craving, either at home alone or in a social situation, start an internal dialogue. “This cookie really looks good, but do I truly want to eat it? Is it worth straying from my weight loss eating plan?” Or, visualize yourself eating the cookie; for some people, that’s enough deterrence or message to tell themselves they don’t really want it.

SOLUTION: Practice mindfulness.

Several studies1 have shown that reflecting on how good a food will taste rather than focusing on the calories can help you eat less and feel better about your body when you’re following a weight loss eating plan. So, the next time you’re about to dig into a meal, stop and appreciate how good the food looks and will taste; make it a point to savor the foods you eat as part of your healthy eating plan.

If your New Year’s resolutions for the coming year include fitness relationship goals and hopes for a new healthy eating plan, a Curves membership is a great start. At Curves, you’ll engage in a full body workout that exercises all your major muscle groups, get support and camaraderie from your Curves coach and the ladies working out on the circuit alongside you, and receive recipes and guidance on a weight loss eating plan. With the help of Curves, this year can be your healthiest, happiest year yet!

For more information about Curves women’s gyms, visit ‘Why Curves’ or find your local Curves gym here and talk to one of our Curves Coaches about starting your fitness journey today!



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