Be Smart: Eat Greens to Keep Your Mind Sharp
May 26, 2015
A snappy memory, quick wit, critical thinking--these are aspects of a youthful mind that we all hope to enjoy well into our later years, so don’t skip the crossword puzzle in today’s paper and be sure to eat healthfully.
5 Tips to Help You Tap the Power of Probiotics
April 06, 2015
Quick refresher course: probiotics are live organisms—you’re probably most familiar with the active cultures in yogurt—that, when you consume them, may offer health benefits.
5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Yogurt
April 02, 2015
Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, here are just five ways to spice up that cup of plain yogurt. Curves Complete members refer to your exchange resource for a list of yogurt choices.
How to Halt Emotional Eating
March 24, 2015
Have you ever felt so anxious over something that you found yourself crunching steadily through a party-size bag of chips? Has disappointment ever moved you to devour spoonful after spoonful of ice cream right out of the quart container?


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