Do One Thing, Get 5 Amazing Results
November 25, 2014
If you could do just one thing that would help you avoid holiday weight gain, boost your energy, protect you from colds and flu, improve your sleep, and leave you feeling happier would you do it?
5 Fitness Habits to Keep You Motivated
November 24, 2014
Staying motivated to stick with your workout routine isn't always easy. Still, there are some things you can do to keep yourself on track. Adopting some positive fitness habits can help you reach your goals and build upon your success.
Create a New Thanksgiving Tradition, Curves-style
November 10, 2014
The true centerpieces of a traditional Thanksgiving gathering aren’t those adorable pine-cone-and-handprint turkeys, expertly crafted by preschoolers nationwide. They’re feast and family—and that’s how it should be.
Exercise While You Watch Your Favorite TV Shows
November 07, 2014

Fall is here, meaning rainy days and chilly nights keep us indoors more frequently. And if you’re a TV fan, much of that time might be spent watching a new season of your favorite shows.


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