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Finding Workout Motivation – Make Your Workout Program Work for You

You know why you engage in a workout program—you want to get healthier and stronger and (possibly) lose weight. But despite your best intentions and end goals, sometimes it’s downright difficult to get yourself to the gym to do your workout routine. In some cases, kids, weather, or other factors get in the way. Other times you just don’t feel like it. On the days when you’re having trouble getting out the door, you need some extra workout motivation. Here’s how to stay motivated so you don’t lose the momentum and workout consistency that leads to positive health benefits and body shaping results. 

Put your workout in your calendar.  

To prevent things from getting in the way of your workout program, schedule your full-body workout like you would any meeting, appointment, or play date. Put it on the calendar on your phone, write it on the calendar that hangs in your kitchen—whatever you need to do to make it a priority in your schedule.

Set realistic goals.

Whether you’re just getting started with a workout program, or you’re returning to a gym workout routine after taking a break, set goals accordingly. Start with two to three days in Curves ladies-only gym. After you’ve done two to three days of consistent exercise for a few weeks, add an at-home workout like MyCurves on Demand for a fourth or fifth workout. Same goes with weight loss goals. Start with small, achievable increments, like one to two pounds a week. Jumping in too fast with how often you work out and setting weight-loss goals that are too lofty will only set you up to fail. Plus, when you set small goals and achieve them, you will rev up your workout motivation and become more excited about your exercise routine.

Do something you enjoy.

Your workout motivation will be higher when you engage in an activity you love. At Curves ladies’ gym, you exercise alongside like-minded women with whom you may form friendships or bonds. These relationships build accountability and make you more likely to stick with your workout routine—not only because you love it, but because you don’t want to let your fellow Curves members down. Pat yourself on the back.

To celebrate another exercise program completed, give yourself a small non-food reward. Enjoy a nice warm bath, meditate for 10 minutes, read a good book or watch an episode of your favorite series. Whatever you can do to give yourself a little thank you and keep motivation high for the next workout routine.1

Give yourself an at-home option.

On the days when a snowstorm, sick kid, or other curveball prevents you from getting to Curves ladies’ gym, get ready to cue up MyCurves On Demand. MyCurves On Demand gives you the same 30-minute full-body workout you get in person at Curves. Having the option to exercise at home is one of the best ways to maintain consistency in working out.2

To make your exercise program work for you and maximize the benefits of your gym routine, maintaining workout motivation is key. At Curves, the encouragement you receive from your Curves Coach and the lively, supportive atmosphere of our clubs help many women find the workout motivation they need to make exercise a habit.

Consider  talking to your Curves Coach about how to maintain consistent workouts. Your Coach can also guide you through the Curves Nutrition Program, which can help to ensure your diet supports your workout goals.


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