Monica S.

Curves of Flemingsburg, KY

Before joining Curves, I was severely overweight at 224 lbs and had a very sedentary lifestyle.  My friend and I wanted to do something different for exercise besides the occasional walk. Our local Curves had a special offer, so we decided to give it a try! We signed up for the Curves Complete Program at our first visit and our journeys were underway.

My mission with Curves was initially to lose weight and look better for everybody else. After speaking with my coach Betsey, I realized that I needed to lose weight for myself and my health. Heart disease, diabetes and obesity all run in my family’s history and are related to obesity. I have lost too many close loved ones early in my childhood to those diseases.  My needs became priority number one. Besides losing weight, I wanted to make my life easier, limit my future visits to the doctor, and spend more time with family and friends.  

Curves had classes that fit conveniently in my schedule. The coaches are very accommodating and the atmosphere is so friendly. It is a place where you can make friends who are facing the same challenges as you and working toward the same kinds of goals as you. I’ve met so many wonderful women there that I now call friends, but I really should say they are my “Curves family”. They give me continuous encouragement by sharing their stories of weight loss and how their health issues improved. When I see their success, it gives me the strength and inspiration to push myself forward. My weight loss journey continues with the support of my Curves Coach who keeps me accountable and is always there with an unlimited supply of hope, praise, and encouragement. The information I am learning about weight loss and portion control is helping me to form new healthy eating habits.

Since joining Curves, I have more energy, motivation, and self-confidence. Reaching my goals was hard work, but they were made easier with the support from the Curves members and coaches. I learned to set small attainable goals that would keep me from becoming discouraged, and give you a greater feeling of accomplishment. Get a buddy and work out together. It can help you stay focused and driven. Finally, do it for yourself and no one else. Only you can control what goes into your mouth and what you put in your body.

Enjoy 6 Weeks for $99

Since joining Curves, I have more energy, motivation, and self-confidence.