Protecting Our Community: COVID-19


Dear Loyal Member,

During this time of uncertainty with the COVID -19 pandemic, we wanted to take a moment and share our commitment to you, our amazing members, as well as to our wonderful local Curves Coaches.

Your club’s local response regarding COVID-19 restrictions and closures is being handled based on the guidelines in various states, territories, counties, and cities. Each local government will make decisions about the status of its businesses and residents. Each Owner’s number one concern is always your safety. They will follow the directive of your local government and agencies. We genuinely appreciate your support during this time of uncertainty for everyone, especially small business owners.

According to research, moderate activity – such as your Curves Workout – can improve your overall fitness which CAN help boost your immune system! Currently, many of you are unable to visit your local location, but please check their page daily as many owners are providing workout alternatives and engaging local content to help keep you active and connected during this time of social distancing. We also encourage you to visit our Curves Facebook Page, where we will be sharing timely information, and providing our followers with increased opportunities to remain on top of all that is happening with Curves.

If your local club is open and operational, we have provided our club owners with guidelines for regular club cleaning and hygiene, as well as directive to ensure they’re following local government recommendations. Further, we’ve asked them to create a plan and diligently follow-through to ensure their/your local club environment and circuit remains a fun, fast, and most importantly – safe – place to work out. We ask that you please take a break from Curves, returning only once you are feeling better and have been fever-free for 48-hours, if you:

  • Have had an escalated fever in the last 48-hours
  • Are currently running a fever
  • Have been exposed to the Flu/COVID-19>
  • Traveled outside of the country

If you have been in a situation or traveled where you have been in a large group of people, you may not be showing signs of illness, but could be carrying. Do not take the chance of passing illness to someone else unaware. Shelter in place, so to speak, until you are clear. You may not be high risk, but you could expose others. That is the greater concern at this time. Further, if you are diagnosed with or directly exposed to COVID-19, please call and inform your employer, your church, child’s school, Curves’ Coaches, etc. We will look forward to having you back on the circuit once cleared by a medical professional. Let’s keep our Curves Community and your extended local community happy and healthy!

If you would rather remain at home, required to stay at home, and/or have compromised immunity be sure to ask/call your local Curves’ Coaches about MyCurves On Demand or their 6 Weeks to Better Balance and Posture Class and upgrade from the comfort of your own home. They want to ensure you keep working out, even while away. Both of these opportunities to take Curves anywhere, anytime, and from any mobile device.

As always, your best source of information about your locally owned and operated Curves club is their local Curves Facebook page. Be sure to check that page regularly for their local updates and for tips to stay active during this situation. Please ask your local Curves Coach for the page information if you need it. If you don’t have internet access or a Facebook account, you may want to have a Curves “sister”, friend, or family member update you as needed.

This situation and the information is ever-changing. The team at Curves will be monitoring updates and we recommend you do the same. Tune-in to your local trusted news source or visit:

Contact your local health department or other similar agency with any additional questions.

In Good Health,


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