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About the Curves Circuit

The Curves Circuit is renowned and consists of a series of hydraulic-resistance machines that are designed to work every major muscle group, so you get a full body workout in just 30- minutes. Each machine automatically adjusts to the users’ effort – it is strength training made simple.

The Curves Circuit has been shown to boost metabolism, build lean muscle and burn fat – and it’s been shown to be effective when paired with all elements of the Curves Nutrition Program. Regular strength training has been shown to promote bone health as well. Best of all, at Curves there’s always a Coach there for encouragement and support, as well as to ensure safety.

The Curves hydraulic resistance strength-training machines are designed specifically for women. They are arranged in a circuit, alternated with 2’ x 2’ cushioned recovery squares. Members jump on any open station and begin their 30-minute workout anytime during open hours, changing stations every 30 seconds as prompted.

There are machines for upper, lower, and core body parts, and by the end of 30 minutes members have worked every major muscle group. Members walk, jog, or do other aerobics on recovery squares, allowing muscles to rest between machines and members to stay in their heart rate target training zone, making the workout extremely efficient by combining strength training and cardio.

Hydraulics are safe for any age and fitness level and allow members to get the resistance they need without any guesswork or adjusting of weight stacks. Talk to your doctor before starting any fitness or weight loss plan.

Curves Specialty Classes/Circuits focus on providing strength, balance, and flexibility through categories like Balance, Body Basics, Cardio, and Boxing. The Curves Nutrition & Weight Management Program promotes balanced and sustainable nutrition education designed to help decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve metabolism when followed with the Curves workout.

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