Stretching & Recovery Classes

Stretching is a vital part of a full body workout. These stretching classes guide you through effective stretching exercises for optimal recovery post-workout.

Increase Your Flexibility

Maintaining flexibility as we get older is an important part of our overall fitness and wellness. Stretching naturally improves your flexibility, making daily life easier.

Improve Your Posture

Regular stretching can help improve your posture and prevent tightness and pain in the lower back.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Stretching is crucial to reduce risk of injury from your workout and can help to lessen post-workout muscle soreness, improving your recovery.

Feel Better

While stretching can feel good to perform, allowing your muscles to release tension, it will also help promote relaxed muscles and reduce stress.

About the Classes

At Curves, we take stretching seriously. Stretching is a vital component to a full body workout to enable better flexibility, reduced muscle soreness and better recovery. These stretch classes incorporate stretching exercises as well as foam rolling techniques to help improve your mobility and joint integrity post-workout.

To enhance your workout recovery routine, invest in a Curves Foam Roller to better target your muscles and aid in activation and functional restoration of movement.


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