Body Basics Classes

Medium to low-intensity online strength training classes focusing on functional movements that emphasize the arms, core and legs for a total body workout.

Woman doing body basics class

Strengthen Your Core

Our Body Basics classes focus on core exercises to help you maintain good posture and improve your balance, making everyday life easier.

Tone Your Arms

Not only will these at home exercise classes help to tone your arms, but a stronger upper body will also help you to lift and carry heavy objects with ease, reducing potential for injury.

Build a Strong Foundation

Strong legs help support your knees and take stress off your joints, enabling you to power up a flight of stairs, go for a hike or a bike ride. Our workouts help to strengthen and tone your legs from the comfort of your home.

Total Body Workout

Our 30-minute virtual workout classes are focused on functional movements that will help increase your strength and range of motion across every major muscle group in your body.

About the Classes

Functional fitness training is the cornerstone of the Body Basics classes, delivering a full body workout for women. Using your own body weight and our high-quality resistance band, these low-impact strength training workouts are a great starting point for any level of fitness.

These 30-minute or express 15-minute online exercise classes will help strengthen all your major muscle groups, without causing stress to your body or joints. Many of these movements will mimic the movements you perform every day, which will help you have the strength and energy you need to do the things you love and live your best life.



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