Balance Classes

Low-intensity virtual exercise classes are designed to help improve balance, stability and create a strong core, incorporating traditional yoga movements and poses.

Woman balancing

Get Better Posture

Good posture is the foundation for mobility and balance. Our online exercise classes focus on movements that strengthen your core to improve your posture and help reduce back pain.

Improve Your Stability

These online fitness classes incorporate static yoga poses and strength training exercises to help improve your stability and prevent falls.

Practice Mindfulness

Focusing on holding a yoga or balance pose can be meditative, allowing you to focus on your breath and calm the mind during your workout - helping to reduce stress and improve your mental health.

Enhance Your Flexibility

Our at-home workouts include a variety of stretching exercises to help increase your flexibility, joint mobility and range of motion.

About the Classes

Balance is such an important part of functional fitness and strength training. It is what allows you to climb stairs without holding onto a railing or walk in uneven surfaces like sand. Our high-quality resistance bands help build muscle strength across your arms, legs and core, while single-legged balance moves will help to increase coordination, reaction time and balance.

Our Balance classes are one of the many specialty online workout classes, that is low-impact and designed to help you improve your stability, which helps prevent falls and injury. It’s also a great starting point for yoga for beginners, to improve both your balance and strength. More importantly, it gives you the confidence to do the things you love.



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