Transitioning from Low- to High-Intensity Workouts

Transitioning from Low- to High-Intensity Workouts

Have you hit a weight-loss plateau? Are you getting bored with your same old, same old workout routine? Maybe you simply find yourself craving a challenge. “These are all good opportunities to make a change in your routine and do a harder workout,” says Megan Johnson, Senior Manager for Programs and CurvesSmart®. “You should always be pushing yourself to your fullest potential when you workout, but sometimes you might need an extra little push, and a change in workout intensity can do just that.”

Step it up

If you’ve been following the traditional Curves plan—twice around the circuit, three days a week—you have many options to choose from to help raise the quality of your workouts.

Give CurvesSmart®* a try

This program will make an honest exerciser out of you. It’s founded on the traditional circuit, but you’ll work with your Curves Coach to program a personalized workout into the machines based on your best effort around the circuit. As you work your way around the circuit, you’ll insert your coded key card into each machine and the machine will flash green if you are exercising to your potential and red when you aren’t hitting your intensity mark. And if you are already working out with CurvesSmart, you can re-customize the program to one more difficult.

Dance, box, or strengthen your way to greater fitness.

Turn up the heat by throwing your hips into the Dance and Tone class,* suggests Johnson. Or add in a fourth weekly workout through Body Basics,* or the Boxing Class*. Each of these classes builds on the traditional Curves Circuit by incorporating strength exercises, dance steps, or boxing moves between each of the machines.

Reap the benefits

And what do you get for all that extra sweat? “If you’ve hit a weight-loss plateau, boosting the intensity of your workouts or of your overall week’s routine will help you jump off that plateau and begin to lose weight again or tone up faster,” points out Johnson. “Mixing it up and/or raising the bar erases boredom, and it bestows important health benefits—stronger cardiovascular fitness, which translates to better heart health and greater endurance for all of life’s activities.

Plus, the challenge of a more intense workout and the accomplishment of meeting that level of intensity/challenge is something you’ll feel really good about. And who doesn’t enjoy a little boost in self-esteem every now and then?

*At participating locations only.