Top 6 Motivation Zappers

Sometimes motivation killers will sneak up on you. Here’s what to watch for as you try to reach your goal.


Instead of saying you want to lose a lofty 10 kilograms in a month, set specific, measurable goals you can meet in a realistic time frame. For example, set your sights on 12 Curves workouts this month or adding two minutes to your daily walks this week and three minutes the next.


At the same time, you need enough of an incentive to create internal excitement and allow you to see results as you progress. Sign up for a charity 5km fun run at the end of the summer, for example.

3 – PACKED SCHEDULE Exercise needs to be a high priority. “Make an appointment with yourself, and honor it like any other appointment,” Eric Klinger, PhD, says. “If others ask for you at that time, tell them you’re tied up.”


 Just because you’ve lost a certain amount of weight doesn’t make it okay to slack off or, worse, stop exercising. “If you’re at a comfortable weight, you’ll have to maintain it with regular workouts,” says Edward Abramson, PhD. “When I first [started working out], I saw a sign that read, ‘There is no finish line.’ So true.”


One slipup after a few days of great work won’t derail your goal. “Thinking that there’s only success or failure and nothing in between can lead to quitting and zapped motivation,” says Curves’ Nadia Rodman, RD. “If you’re 80% on, you’re still making progress.”


Half the battle of exercise is just getting to the club.  If you have friends expecting you there, you’ll likely go more often. Also try tapping the online Curves community on the Curves Nutrition Program website to find encouragement from others who have similar goals.

Your Curves Coach is there to lead you through every gym workout. With your Curves Coach success is within reach. Visit ‘Why Curves‘ to find out more about Curves women’s only gyms and our full body workout on the Curves Circuit, or find your local Curves and sign up today! Find your local Curves here!

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