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Schedule “Me Time” Into Your Routine

The beginning of spring is definitely a time of transition. There’s something about September that makes you feel the urge to get your ducks in a row.

If getting your ducks in a row means you want to start a new health and wellness routine, now is the time to buckle down and commit. If you begin now, you will be prepared for summer and time on the beach, cocktail parties. And of course those Christmas get-togethers. Why not make it a goal to start the new season on the right foot, instead of with the old ‘lose weight’ resolution that plagues so many of us year after year.

It’s time to carve out space in your schedule for things that make you feel good!

If you want some tips on how to get started in a new “me time” routine right now, look no further—encouragement is here:

Get motivated.

Of course you know that the healthier you are the happier you feel. But have you considered the energy boost you get from exercising? Women who live busy lives often make the mistake of thinking that exercise will zap the extra energy they’ve got, but the opposite is actually true. Working out generates more energy;  it’s like adding fuel to the fire. If you’re feeling lethargic or stuck in a rut, you can break the cycle—simply get motivated to move!

Put it on your calendar and stick to it.

It’s a big step to pencil in time for yourself. But the really huge accomplishment is when you stick to that plan. Especially if you notice the house really could use a vacuum. Those things are important and we are not trying to make light of dust bunnies — but you are important, too! You wouldn’t drop out of a commitment you made to someone else, so treat yourself with that same respect.

Reward yourself for success.

If you’re anything like the other thousands of women we know, then you are probably too hard on yourself.  The point of “me time” is to take time every day to enjoy the skin you are in. So when you accomplish something—whether it’s a workout completed with gusto or just making it through an especially difficult meeting — pat yourself on the back.

Think about what you love to do, then do more of it.

We hope you love working out, because we want to see you on the circuit. But whatever your other passions are — whether walking your dog, doing a scrapbook, shopping with a girlfriend, or spending time with family — work a little more of that good stuff into your routine. The joy you experience will spill over into the rest of your life and everyone around you will benefit.

So many women look to Curves as a supportive, friendly environment where they can go to change their lives. Whether you are looking for improved fitness or just making some “me time,”  our coaches would love to help you achieve your goals.

Don’t put off getting into your Curves club at least three times a week. If you’re not yet a member, then find a club in your area and come see what Curves can offer you.

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