Really? Shopping Can Equal 7 Marathons?

While its no secret that shopping is one of women’s favourite activities, according to a UK- based survey it’s also a worthwhile exercise – helping ladies burn off as much as 15,000 calories per year.

Led by Wall’s Solerro Exotic, the study (as reported in the Parent Herald) found that during shopping women cover approximately 290 kilometres a year – which is the equivalent to a staggering 7 marathons!

A spokeswoman for Curves commented: “if you ask any woman what her most popular pastime is, it is highly likely that she’ll respond with shopping – and rightly so, as shopping has been proven to boost happiness, as reported by the Journal of Psychology and Marketing in the US.  But now its been discovered that women can burn an impressive amount of calories, not only will this increase the number of visits to the shops, this will also result in an increase in the number of shopping bags!”

Additionally the survey noted that online shopping had become quite the phenomenon amongst the female community.  Yet while it may be a much simpler option, if told that physically visiting the stores would aid in their weight loss, around 58% of women would happily venture to their favourite boutiques.

“This is definitely a great incentive amongst women to combine one of their most popular hobbies, i.e. shopping, along with possibly one of their least favourite things to do i.e. keeping fit” added the spokeswoman.

“But it’s also highly important to take into account that following a decent diet will assist even further in women looking to lose weight, and that just shopping alone may not be enough to help keep those calories off”.

“As long as you’re eating healthy and mixing it up with regular exercise then we might see retail shopping become women’s number one exercise!”

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