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Exercise Tips For Women Over 50

Although we all understand the benefits of daily exercise, women over the age of 50 in particular may need to take some additional measures and precautions before engaging in a new exercise regimen. As a natural part of ageing, muscles weaken and joints get stiffer. Don’t fear, exercise may help lessen this decline.Women over 50 can benefit from increased recovery abilities after exertion, and enjoy a wellness-oriented lifestyle just from pursuing a moderate and active exercise regimen.

Variety is key

Women 50+ should not be afraid to exercise, but instead learn to incorporate exercise into their daily routine at moderate levels. Almost all exercise types can be enjoyed, including running, swimming, biking, stretching, and weight training. A variety of exercise patterns throughout the week is ideal, as it will encourage all muscle groups and organs to work at different rates and levels. The goal is to establish a regular and comfortable routine.

Stretch it out

Balance and flexibility can be greatly increased with stretching exercises. Stretching on a daily basis can help keep joints and muscles flexible, but they will not build endurance or contribute significantly to cardiovascular health. An additional benefit of stretching is the ability to open up the lungs and encourage deep breathing patterns. This not only helps the body detoxify naturally, but helps to keep pain to a minimum, reducing the risk of minor aches and pains. Body weight resistance exercises are also beneficial for flexibility, as they build strength and resilience in a gentle way.

Don’t be afraid of weights

Any weight bearing exercises should be moderate and well controlled. The Curves circuit training programme is a safe way for women to begin or continue weight-bearing exercise. The movements are smooth and within a safe range of motion, and Curves coaches can help modify for individual needs. Strength-training can help increase bone density, a key element for healthy aging.

Work on cardio health

Endurance exercises are primarily cardiovascular and can include walking, jogging, swimming, and biking. Anything that gets the heart pumping for at least 30 minutes can be considered an endurance exercise, and the amount per week to engage in these activities will vary by each person. Endurance exercises significantly improve cardiovascular health, and are encouraged for a healthy lifestyle. Power-walking outdoors is a great benefit, and taking the time to breathe deeply and truly enjoy the moment is a great opportunity for stress management through endurance exercise!

Exercise is one of the keys to long-term health and vitality, and can contribute greatly to a healthy lifestyle. Women over age 50 can get the most out of their exercise regimen by understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and adjusting their workouts accordingly.

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