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3 Ways to Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Healthy

You know the saying: “New Year, New You.” But too often, the broad task of changing our lifestyle almost seems insurmountable and overwhelming, leaving our New Year’s resolution in the cold. Don’t fret– we’re here to help you get fully committed to changing your lifestyle for the better. Here are 3 ways to jumpstart your New Year’s resolution to get healthy.

Sign Up to Get Fit

Fitness makes you healthier and feel great. The easiest way to get this started on a New Year’s solution to get healthy is to sign up for a Curves membership. Take the first step to building strength, improving balance, and joining a community of support for your journey. At Curves, you’ll only need to take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to transform your body and your well-being while strength training on the Curves circuit. Bonus: A Curves Coach is always there to help you during your workout, so you can reach your fitness goals this year.

Break it down

A vast resolution, such as “get healthy,” may seem like it’s just too much to take on without breaking it down into smaller, attainable goals. In a calendar, planner, or dedicated notebook, break your New Year’s resolution into monthly goals that are aimed toward making you healthier this year.

For example, in January, make sure you make it to the gym at least three times per week. In February, vow to take the stairs whenever possible. In March, spring clean that pantry and throw out all the processed junk food that could be derailing your resolution. Continue with a goal for each month and don’t forget to set non-food rewards for accomplishing each monthly task for a little extra motivation!

Set a Date

Not only should you set a date in your calendar to begin working toward your New Year’s resolution, but also set a date with a friend to join you. Getting healthy and losing weight are always at or near the top of the everyone’s resolution list, so we’re betting one of your friends is aiming to get healthy just like you.

Studies1 show you’ll both enjoy your workout more, feel less stressed, and push yourself even harder. Bringing a friend to the gym with you also holds you accountable to your scheduled workout, since you’re less likely to cancel on a friend. Make working out fun by taking time to catch up on all the latest during a water break!

Your Curves Coach is there to lead you through every gym workout. With your Curves Coach success is within reach. Visit ‘Why Curves’ to find out more about Curves women’s only gyms and our full body workout on the Curves Circuit, or find your local Curves and sign up today! 


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