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5 Easy Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Benefit Your Health, Today

If you’re looking for some simple lifestyle changes that can improve your health today, then these five easy steps should be the first ones you take on your journey to a fitter, happier, healthier you:


Eating a healthy breakfast sets you up for the day. It kickstarts your metabolism and nips those mid-morning munchy cravings in the butt.
Opt for something which is low on the Glycaemic Index (GI), because these foods in particular release energy slowly to help see you through to lunch without snacking, stabilise your blood sugar levels and help your body to deal with fat more efficiently.

You can find inspiration with personalized meal plans from Curves Nutrition & Weight Management Program.


When you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy balance, it’s easy to focus on your food intake and overlook the calories you consume in your drinks.

Staying well hydrated is vital for all aspects of your health so try to drink plenty of water, and don’t waste your money on the bottled stuff, our tap water is delicious!

Carry a bottle with you and flavour it with a squeeze of fresh lime, lemon or orange juice. This will make it easier to avoid picking up carbonated drinks or fruit juices which are high in sugars when you feel thirsty.

Having a bottle of water handy will also help you to avoid snacking; thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger so before you have a nibble, have a drink.


If you commute to work, get off one or two stops before you need to and walk the rest of the way, and if your building has stairs, use them instead of the lift.

If you don’t commute on public transport, cycle instead of driving and if that’s not possible, park your car a ten minute walk away from your house or workplace. This makes it really easy to squeeze in an extra 30 minutes of exercise a day and will save you money on transport costs too.


Taking care to get plenty of rest is an easy way to look after your physical and mental health. Sleeping well is proven to improve your memory, creativity and concentration and can help with weight loss too.

Researchers from the University of Chicago found that people in weight-loss programs who slept well lost more fat than those who were sleep deprived, and they found it easier to stabilise their food cravings too.
When you’re properly rested, it’s easier to maintain your focus and motivation on long-term weight loss goals and stick to them.

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