Dana C
Weight loss 67lbs*** Russellville, AL

“With the help of Curves, I was able to get fit, lose weight and learn new healthy eating habits that keep me in the great shape I am today!” #CurvesStrong

My struggle with the scale began when I was 11. I started gaining weight and in spite of trying all kinds of diets, I never had any lasting success. My weight hit an all-time high of 300 lbs. during my last pregnancy and afterwards I found myself with low energy and feeling very unhealthy. I have a family history of heart disease and diabetes which are both related to obesity, so I knew I was risking my health if I didn’t take steps to get the extra pounds off. I decided to give Curves a try after seeing my friend’s success story posted on Curves’ Facebook page. I thought if she can do it, so can I. An all woman’s club was very appealing as I was not comfortable working out with men at the co-ed gyms I tried in the past.

To be honest, the hardest part of going to Curves was walking in the club for the first time. All my fears and doubts about my ability to accomplish my goals started to disappear in the friendly and supportive atmosphere of the Russellville Curves. I started first with Curves Fitness. The 30 minute workouts went by fast. Our coach was right there encouraging and guiding us on the correct form to get the most out of the workout. I continued doing the Curves circuit 3-5 times a week feeling stronger and working harder as my strength and endurance improved. Happily, I noticed another benefit of the circuit training. I began to slowly lose weight***. This was encouraging and I decided to enhance my membership with Curves Complete, which combines the fitness program with customized meal plans and one-on-one coaching and support. This comprehensive program was exactly what I needed to keep improving my fitness and to learn new healthy eating habits. Before long, I was snacking on strawberries, apples and low fat cheese instead of French Fries and chocolate. It wasn’t always easy passing up the junk food but my motto became “A lick on the lips is 5 on the hips!” I followed what I learned at Curves Complete to cook and eat healthy and delicious meals that kept the pounds coming off. I lost a total of 67lbs on Curves Fitness** and Curves Complete***! Not only do I have a trim waistline, I have also decreased my risk of the heart disease that runs in my family. My favorite bit of advice is to take time to change your habits when losing weight. The weight did not come on overnight and it won’t come off overnight either. Meeting with my Curves Complete coach helped me stay motivated to get to my weight loss goal. Now I am enjoying more energy, better moods, shopping for fun clothes and I am able to engage in a more active way with the family. It feels great being a healthy role model for my family and we are all eating more nutritious meals and enjoy active family outings like hiking in the nature reserve near our home.

I continue going to Curves regularly and absolutely love the new Jillian Michaels workout classes†! When I started her workouts, I couldn't do a push-up! I CAN now (boy push-up)!! I can’t decide on my favorite Jillian move. I love the plank jacks or maybe it’s the high knees or cross jacks! Okay so I love several! Sure some days are harder than others but once I push through it, I never regret it or my wonderful decision to join Curves Complete!

**Curves Fitness members on average lose 5 lbs. over a 20-week period.

***Curves Complete members can expect to lose, on average, 10 lbs. and 3 inches over 13 weeks

†Classes and Jillian Michaels workouts scheduled by location and only offered at participating locations.

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