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Dana C.

Dana C.

Weight loss
Russellville, AL
“With the help of Curves, I was able to get fit, lose weight and learn new healthy eating habits that keep me in the great shape I am today!” #CurvesStrong

My struggle with the scale began when I was 11. I started gaining weight and in spite of trying all kinds of diets, I never had any lasting success. My weight hit an all-time high of 300 lbs. during my last pregnancy and afterwards I found myself with low energy and feeling very unhealthy. I have a family history of heart disease and diabetes which are both related to obesity, so I knew I was risking my health if I didn’t take steps to get the extra pounds off.  I decided to give Curves a try after seeing my friend’s success story posted on Curves’ Facebook page.  I thought if she can do it, so can I.  An all woman’s club was very appealing as I was not comfortable working out with men at the co-ed gyms I tried in the past.  

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