The Truth about Sugar
January 14, 2015
When someone describes a meal as “a heart attack on a plate,” what do you imagine? Steak and eggs with a side of fries perhaps? The more current picture might be a plate of donuts partnered with a 16-ounce regular soda. 
What to Eat Pre- and Post-Workout
January 07, 2015
Working out on an empty stomach is rarely a good idea because you need to make sure you have enough fuel to get through your workout.
If You Must Drink, Do So Mindfully
December 10, 2014

December is a month of many temptations. There’s those hard-to-resist cookies, of course, but there are also the liquid temptations offered at holiday parties and dinners—wine, beer, cocktails.

Beating the Spread
November 10, 2014
This time of year, “spread,” the noun, gets a lot of mileage: It can refer 1) to a sumptuous Thanksgiving buffet and 2) to the way a few extra pounds (accrued due to definition 1) can arrange themselves where we want them least—on the belly and


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Start For $30*