Tracey T.

Curves of East Norriton, PA

Your health can change in an instant. I learned that many years ago while pregnant when a previously unknown birth defect in my brain ruptured and hospitalized me for 3 weeks. After the bleed was repaired, I entered a new world. My new world meant I had to re-learn how to read, that I was missing half of my vision, could not drive and had seizures.

During my time at Curves, I’ve learned to listen to my body more. I’ve learned to tell when my system is not behaving normally and I need to take immediate steps before ending up in a medical crisis. My coaches have even helped me develop lists of go-to items to keep with me at all times in case of emergencies like my sodium dipping too low.

I also began to make small changes in my lifestyle. The first was easy—put the pedometer back on. By deciding to walk the dog twice a day, I discovered I could double my step count. Next, I began to re-examine my eating habits seriously. I developed several plans of healthy meal options, continued to try to stock healthy snacks, and be careful of how much sugar I added to my tea. I pushed myself harder on the circuit than I used to, and now I’ve moved my workouts up a step on the CurvesSmart® setting!

My goal has been healthy fitness. For me, that means seeing my BMI and body fat move down to being comfortably within the normal range, and I know that when that happens, my weight will be where it should be. I'm happy about the changes I've started and plan to continue them. It’s empowering to control these changes in my health.


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It’s empowering to control these changes in my health.