Tara C.

Curves of St. Charles, MO

As a wife and mom of 5 children, it’s easy to put myself last. In fact, I’m really good at it. It isn’t a healthy habit, but it is real, and I think a lot of moms understand this. When I started exercising at home 1.5 years ago, it became even easier to be last because I felt guilty about not being able to keep up the house, make gourmet dinners and be the same “stay-at-home mom” I had been for a decade. I started leaning heavily on quick and easy and I quit taking the time to work out. Pretty soon, I couldn't fit into my cute clothing. Anything fitted was put away and I found myself in loose shirts and leggings much of the time.

On Halloween last year, I stepped on my friend’s scales and realized I had gained 30 pounds! No wonder my clothes didn't fit anymore! A couple of days later, I was driving home from work and noticed a Curves was conveniently located along the way. I drove past, and then pulled into a parking lot, turned around and joined that night. I had previously looked online and saw the 30-minute circuit and the fact that this was only women. I felt that this would be no pressure—I could absolutely do this! For the next several months I enjoyed the support, the community and the Curves experience. The problem was, there was so much more I could take advantage of at Curves, and I wasn't.

I talked with my Curves Coaches and decided that I really needed to commit just a little bit more. I had to step outside my comfort zone, put the guilt away and go ahead and give myself permission to take 30 more minutes a week just for me. I started coming to Curves 4 days a week. My kids and husband kept encouraging me, along with my Curves Coaches. Pretty soon, my clothes fit better. I had more energy and it was showing in every aspect of my life. I talked with the coaches about healthier eating and started pre-planning meals, too!

I decided that to be a better mom, a better wife, and a better person that I needed to take time for myself. Curves makes it easy because it’s a complete workout in 30 minutes. Dropping my weight one pound at a time and staying consistent has really improved my overall outlook on myself. I am definitely worth 30 minutes a few days a week. I tell everyone I know about Curves and how it has impacted my life. Having the support of other women and my amazing Curves coaches helps me to place more value on myself and my health. The benefits are far reaching!

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I decided that to be a better mom, a better wife, and a better person that I needed to take time for myself.