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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been battling my weight. Sticking to an eating and exercise plan was hard, and I spent the majority of my life bouncing from plan to plan. Any time life got tough, I turned to food as an emotional coping mechanism, helping numb any pain or stress I was feeling.

On March 6, 2014, that all changed for me. I was desperate for help, and at the recommendation of my sister-in-law, I walked through the doors of my local Curves. The number on the scale rang in at 266, which hit me like a ton of bricks. How had I let myself go? Why did I wait so long to care about myself? Fortunately, my Coach Caroline was by my side to help get me started. I dove in head-first and got to work. I started seeing results and was so proud of how hard I was working on myself, which resulted in a 27 lb. weight loss*** in my first three months.

I was speeding along my Curves journey when life threw me a curveball. My father was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, and my stress came back in full-force. The next year and a half resulted in a series of ups and downs for me; I would take a break from Curves, but always came back to let go of my stress. No matter how many breaks I took though, one thing remained constant: my coach’s unwavering support. She sent me a note that said “Take your time, but know I am here and we are waiting for you when you’re ready.”

My father ultimately passed away, and as I dealt with my loss, I fell into the loving, always welcoming arms of my Curves family. After re-committing to my Curves journey, life dealt me another blow with another unexpected family death. This threatened to derail my journey as I began to turn to food again for comfort. But my coach was there with her never-ending support, making a house call with a care package and words of encouragement.

In the wake of those tragedies, I finally came to the realization that I needed Curves just as much as it needed me. I realized just how unhappy I was in my current job, and recognized that something major needed to change. With that, I quit my job of 20 years and joined the team at Curves to become a coach.

Since joining the Curves family as a coach, I’ve never felt such a sense of joy and pride. I’ve found my calling as I help other women reach their goals. I’ve also achieved even more success on and off the scale for myself. My daughter has joined me at Curves and has inspired me to push myself to be an even better mom. My family has become way more active; in fact, we now dub ourselves the “Fit Family.” It’s been 3 years since I started Curves and I have now lost 80 pounds and 50 inches*** from my body, and I can’t wait to continue helping other women reach their goals through Curves.

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"I'm right here with you. I've been there. I know what you feel. I'm going to pick you up if you fall."