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For years I had been telling myself that it didn't matter that I was overweight. I was still the same person inside regardless of my size and convinced myself that I was okay. But, I wasn’t okay at all. I was physically out of breath, not able to walk far, had an aching back, hips, knees, etc., and constantly worried about my heart and the stress on it from my weight. My “aha!” moment finally came when I was in a dressing room at the local plus-sized clothing store, and I had to go up another size…again. I realized just how out of control I was and that I needed to change.

I spent the rest of that day soul searching and recalled a friend who works at a Curves in Arizona. I did some research and though I was very nervous, decided to take the plunge. I joined Curves that day and started my journey. I started seeing results almost instantly; I stuck to my meal plan and worked out 3-5 times a week. As I became stronger and more confident, I started trying new Curves classes and challenging myself further. After 2½ years at Curves, I’ve lost 100 pounds** and have never felt better.

The key to my success was realizing what I needed to achieve my goal. So, every day I would push myself harder and I would see more results. My Curves Coaches were there when I felt I couldn't push anymore. When I hit plateaus, they helped me and were there to guide me. Without the support of my Curves Coaches, I don’t think I would have had the motivation to keep going. I no longer get out of breath, have an aching back, knees or hips, and I am off of my high blood pressure medication.

This journey has been one of discovery, as I’ve learned to push myself to succeed. I am so proud to be healthy and strong. I owe my life to Curves and hope that my success serves as inspiration for others. If I can do this, anyone can!

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"For the first time I felt invigorated. I felt this is for me."