Margaret M.

Curves of Niagara Falls, ON

My Curves journey began when preparing for a 2013 trip to England.  I was very overweight, feeling sluggish, and didn’t want to hold my friends back from any adventures.  My initial goal was to lose 40 pounds.  I didn’t have any great expectations.  I had been overweight most of my life.  As the youngest of 12 children, I watched my family battle major health issues.  My mother died at 48 from heart disease and I have lost three siblings to cancer, all far too soon.

Stepping into Curves changed everything. Over the first 5 months, I managed to lose 37 pounds*** before my trip, and returned to Curves determined to carry on where I left off.  With unwavering support from my Curves Coach, Linda, I lost a total of 140 pounds*** a week before my 2nd anniversary at Curves.  We celebrated both milestones with a day-long marathon of workouts/classes followed by sledding outside in the snow and a nice dinner!  Linda knew that I still needed to be challenged to maintain my weight loss and I knew she was right.  We set a new goal for us to strive to run a 26.2-mile marathon together!  Knowing that my new mission was to stay fit, strong and healthy for whatever life might throw at me, I accepted, even though I had never run more than a mile before.  Our 30 weeks of training began immediately! 

On marathon day, Curves members, family, and friends cheered us on all the way to the finish line. Everyone was in awe of what we had just accomplished.  We celebrated an experience like no other, beaming with pride! I’ve proven a lot to myself and have influenced others inspired by my success.

My weight loss journey began with low expectations.  Thanks to Curves, I learned that I do have the power to amaze myself! Trying new activities, like running, has been very fun and energizing.  It gives me a great boost of confidence when I realize I can accomplish things I didn’t think possible.  My next challenge is a triathlon.  Beyond that...who knows?  With Curves, there are no limits!

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I’ve proven a lot to myself and have influenced others inspired by my success.