Kim B.

Curves of Summit, MS

I started Curves in 2015 when my friends and I wanted to start walking more, but instead, we decided we should all do Curves together. At this point, I weighed 205 pounds. I did really well working out for a while, but then summer came and life got busy. When school started, I was at the doctor’s office and my cholesterol was 208, my triglycerides were 129, and my blood pressure and blood sugar were high, all of which had never happened before.

I worked out harder and tried to lose weight, but continued to eat terribly and by Christmas, I weighed 216 pounds. I was feeling really ill, cranky, and sick to my stomach all the time. Also, I knew those numbers were high and heart disease runs in my family. I have a husband and two girls that are relying on me to be around and healthy for a long time. That's when I decided I had to do something. 

I started working out four days a week. The coaches and members were so nice and always spoke to me when I came in. They motivated me to keep coming and became like my family and I missed them when I missed a workout. I never left Curves without talking to someone. Seeing others have great results kept me motivated to keep going. The friendships that I've made have been wonderful and I even started losing weight!

I talked to a doctor and took a nutrition class and learned how bad sugar can be. Afterwards, other Curves members and I encouraged each other to eat less sugar and we even started putting the Curves shakes in our coffee. We called it our ‘Curves Latte'.

As time went on, I got down to 160 lbs.** More importantly, my other numbers are all in check! My cholesterol is now 160, triglycerides are 63, and my blood pressure is back to normal. I did this in 10 months! Thank you Curves, for everything.

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Seeing others have great results kept me motivated to keep going.