Kathy F.

Curves of Marina Del Rey, CA

My weight-loss story began the way so many do:  I wanted to lose weight and get healthy.  Diabetes and heart disease run in my family, and I have been borderline diabetic for several years, so I joined Curves. I quickly learned that it is not a fad – it is a lifestyle.


I have tried several fad diets and weight-loss programs, and not one of them worked.  Curves teaches you that you can eat the foods you like and lose weight – the key is moderation.  Before Curves, I worked out on a treadmill and tried a DVD exercise program, but they were so boring.  I had to force myself to do them. Curves is anything but boring. The coaches and members are so encouraging. Simply put, Curves has become a regular part of my day.


I have experienced plateaus along the way, but my coach helped me break through every one of them successfully.  Since I joined in July of 2013, I have lost 80 lbs.*** and I look better and feel better about myself. My health, energy, and lifestyle have all improved.  My blood sugar levels are good, and I have more stamina.  I can walk long distances without panting and puffing.  I can do anything I want to do without worrying about running out of steam.  I am now within three pounds to my goal weight, and I know I will achieve my goal.


Going to Curves is the smartest thing I have ever done for myself. Staying with Curves is the right answer for me.

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My health, energy, and lifestyle have all improved.