Jenny C.

Curves of Chesapeake, VA

My story began where most success stories begin—the bottom. In 2007, I started my marriage and career as an attorney. Between new stress and a desk job, I put on weight consistently.

After 5 years, I had gained 100 pounds. I felt sluggish and sad when I looked in the mirror and felt grumpy and short tempered. I was not the self-confident, courageous, woman that my husband married and I hated myself.


In October 2012, I had enough. I heard about Curves and looked it up online. I knew this was my answer. The coach told me about a new program called Curves Complete and I signed up immediately. From that minute forward, I followed the program. I cooked using the recipes from the website and picked “On the Go” or “Heat and Eat” choices when I couldn’t

cook. I also worked my way up to 10,000 steps a day and I pushed myself hard on the circuit four times a week. Over the next 9 months, I lost 68 lbs.*** I was a new person!


In July 2013, I got pregnant with my first child. I suffered from pre-eclampsia and by the end, I had gained 97 pounds and needed to have an emergency C-section. Recovery was slow and I wasn’t able to get back to Curves for over 4 months. However, with the help of my Curves family, I lost 65 lbs*** over the next 7 months before I found out we were pregnant again! My son was born in December 2015 and I restarted my Curves journey in late February. Since then, I always work out 3-4 times a week and never miss a monthly coaching session!


The workout is perfect for my crazy life as a wife, mother of two, and business owner/attorney. My Coach, Dawn, has been instrumental in my success! She holds me accountable and shows love and support no matter my results.


Curves has made me better, faster, and stronger. It’s important to find what works for you, or you won’t do it. Curves is only 30 minutes so it’s removed any excuse for not having time. Additionally, my physical appearance, attitude, and motivation toward a heathy lifestyle has changed and I’ve been transformed from top to bottom! I’ve showed determination, resolve and a long-term commitment to my goals! My weight loss and muscle toning reduced my risk for many diseases and I’m stronger and healthier than ever!

Enjoy 6 Weeks for $99

The workout is perfect for my crazy life as a wife, mother of two, and business owner/attorney.