Jayme S.

Curves of Colorado Springs, CO - Central

Prior to Curves, I spent my entire life overweight. At one point in my 20s, I tipped the scale at 285 lbs.


In 1999, my mom and sister opened a Curves and invited me to come work for them. At first I was like, that's just not nice, asking the “fat” sister to work at the gym. I had the biggest blessing of all: I lost my weight, I am stronger than ever, and I get to help women achieve their goals and teach them how to do what I have done.


It took me two years to take my weight off. I did it nice and slow with Curves Complete! I teach classes all the time and being held accountable by members is invaluable to me as well. The classes that we have added to the circuit have brought me to a whole new place of fitness! I lead this club (staff and members) with a "Don't say I can't” attitude, and an "I believe in you” spirit—we get it done here!


I have a member in her late 70s that has lost over 90 lbs.!*** I have younger members that are inspired by her and believe that they can, too! Another member who is blind made me believe, once again, that Curves is for anyone that wants it to be for them.


Curves coaches must understand that we have to be the change we want our members to be. We have to lead by example and encourage, engage and explore new ways to help our members get the work done.


I have had my weight off now for over 15 years! How is that possible? A girl that could not lose weight, workout regularly or eat right. Now this woman helps others do it, too!

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I lost my weight, I am stronger than ever, and I get to help women achieve their goals…