Curves of Natomas, CA

My struggle with weight started at a very young age. At only 13 years old I was already 190 pounds. Every day was a battle with the mirror, filled with negative self-talk. I couldn’t run the mile in physical ed without gasping for breath. I couldn’t do a single pushup and my body fat percentage was in the obese category, which resulted in me failing the annual physical test at school. Family members made seemingly innocent comments about my weight, and classmates bullied me because of my size. I was tired of the bullying and wanted to feel happy and confident so I realized I needed to make a change.

I put an end to eating fattening treats in the cafeteria and opting for grilled chicken salads and wraps instead. I started drinking less soda and increased my water intake, but realized there was more I could do. I spoke to my mom about how I was feeling, and we came up with a plan to find a gym that we could join together. This is how I ended up falling in love with Curves.

What excited me most when I started at Curves was that the workout is only thirty minutes. The equipment is designed specifically for women plus, I felt challenged but not overwhelmed when I started. I found a place that was warm and welcoming.

Though I have some physical issues (a degenerative arthritis in my spine and knee pain), I love that I can push myself at Curves and adjust the machines to my fitness level on a daily basis. I also feel the unwavering support of my Curves Coach, which has inspired me to become a Curves Coach as well.

Curves saved my life when I needed it the most. The supportive environment made me feel comfortable and that I was capable of pushing myself to succeed. I have experienced a significant personal transformation, growing from a self-conscious, overweight, and physically unfit teenager to a confident, fitness-loving college student majoring in nutrition.

I am continually inspired by the women around me. Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing the look on these women’s faces as they see how strong they’ve become thanks to Curves. I know that working out at Curves is something that will be a part of my life forever, and I am so grateful for Curves and my family here for being a part of my journey to becoming my best self.

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"I don't want to be that skinny girl. I want to be that toned, fit, muscular girl."